We Never Give Up!

Posted on February 02 2017

We Never Give Up! 

Operation Kindness is The Place Where Happiness Begins because every animal that comes here is safe and loved for as long as it takes to be adopted. As the original and largest no-kill shelter we daily serve as the “go to” facility for 45 other municipal shelters and rescue groups. Yes, sometimes they come to us with medical, trust and behavior issues, but we never give up on them. And we know sometimes it takes certain dogs or cats awhile to find their new forever home – like Hoss, a four-year-old boxer. 

Hoss came to us so underweight and malnourished that we had to feed him three times a day. He was heartworm positive, but we knew we could cure him; after all we treated 734 heartworm
 cases this past year. He also had behavior issues that were a turn-off to potential adopters. His play was very rough due to his strength and excitability. For months, our staff animal behaviorist and training volunteers worked daily with Hoss to teach him leash manners. He mastered these basics, even catching a ball in mid-air. We’re happy to report that after six months Hoss was adopted January 17!

It’s because of you Operation Kindness was able to help 4,566 homeless animals like Hoss get adopted this past year. Over the past two years, we increased the number of animals we take in by 21 percent and our adoptions by 23 percent. Please continue your faithful giving so together we can save even more lives


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