Update on Our Fan Favorite, Manny the Marvelous!

Posted on December 08 2016

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue December 8, 2016 Newsletter

Manny the Marvelous

Manny at the shelter Manny came to us hours away from being euthanized. A shelter volunteer, in love with this sweet soul and distraught over his fate, posted a video pleading for his rescue.  And thanks to you, Muttville said yes!

The first thing Manny got was a shampoo.  Hundreds, literally hundreds of fleas came off him.  He got another shampoo and a flea treatment.  And when he got up from his bed that afternoon, HUNDREDS MORE were laying there in the bed.  Imagine this poor guy’s discomfort.

A big-hearted member of the Muttville community took a look at Manny and said, “He’s for me!”  Nancy adopted him within days of his arrival. He got almost a thousand congratulations on Facebook!



Big Likes and Big Love for Ted & Sam

You may remember Ted (the human) and Sam (the poodle), a favorite Facebook duo. We just got an update from Ted’s daughter.

“In a nutshell – my dad is SMITTEN with Sam,” she says.  “After the death of his previous poodle, my dad was despondent.  But all the way home from Muttville, holding Sam in his lap, he had a funny smile glued on his face. Since then, they have been inseparable. 

"I tell everyone how much Muttville has helped my dad's life and given him a reason to get up every morning.”









When you support Muttville, you’re not only saving lives. 
You’re transforming them. Every day, people tell us how Muttville has made a difference in their lives.

Thank you for making these wonderful stories possible!!

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