Created to Make a Difference

Introducing Yipper Snappers, a new brand of gourmet dog treat uniquely created to make a difference in a dog’s health.

Our treats address food safety, quality, allergies, and other food-related health issues such as obesity and tooth decay. Many dogs have food related ailments which is why  everything that goes into Yipper Snappers is well researched for promoting the best health possible for canines. 

In addition, we believe a treat should be simple which is why we use a basic recipe that's all natural, sugar free, wheat-free, chemical and preservative-free, and made entirely of human-grade ingredients. 

Yipper Snappers are not just delicious, they’re functional and nutritious for all dogs and puppies.


We Exist to Help Dogs in Need

It's really pretty simple, we love dogs and feel that they are truly special creatures. Many of these animals deserve so much more than what has been given to them. As a result, we've created our company as a tool for giving back. 

Mess Less Pet supports organizations who actively work toward rescuing dogs from desperate, life-threatening, and dangerous situations.

We donate a portion from every purchase of Yipper Snappers to help dogs in need. But, we don't stop there, we also give in other ways such as food and much needed supplies.