Being named a CNN Hero is an amazing honor!

Posted on July 13 2016

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue May 24, 2016 Newsletter
What an honor! CNN Heroes is an ongoing series where the TV channel spotlights “everyday people making a difference.” And guess who was just named a CNN Hero? Our own Sherri Franklin, founder and executive director of Muttville. A TV crew came to HQ, hung out with the mutts, went to the shelter to pick up a senior, visited the Saturday adoption event, interviewed Sherri, and delved into what it is that Muttville does and means. And they put it together into a video you can see here!

"Being named a CNN Hero is an amazing honor," said Sherri, "but It is important to acknowledge that I couldn't do this lifesaving work alone. Without so many dedicated, big-hearted, compassionate humans, none of this would have been possible. Thank you all for making Muttville happen. Volunteers, staff, adopters, foster families, and our special donors and veterinary partners - this award is shared with all of you!"


If there's one thing dogs know well, it's how to celebrate every season of their lives. For young pups, what's better than chewing a good pair of stout shoelaces? For teenaged mutts, it's all about a brand new tennis ball and someone to throw it. And when it comes to their 'golden years,' the seniors at Muttville know a thing or two about celebrating their gratitude. For the gentle volunteers who love them. For afternoon strolls in search of favorite and familiar smells. And particularly for the cuddles and snuggles they enjoy every single day. We know that our seniors are grateful to be at Muttville, so we asked a few what they loved most and here's what they had to say...
Horace: I love Muttville because...when I get on my soapbox and have something I just gotta say, these folks really listen!
Julie: I love Muttville because...they have the best hair stylists. You know how much this 'do' would cost in the City?
Bobby and Nina
Drake: I love Muttville because...they give me respect. Even when I put my clothes on the wrong way around.
Bobby and Nina: We love Muttville because...we can stay together forever and never be apart.
Phil: I love Muttville because...I learned to make new friends and am never lonely now.
Hector: I love Muttville because...when I stick out my tongue and act like a goof, everyone laughs. I like making people happy!


Are you inspired by Sherri's award? Do you want to be a Hero too? We can make that happen! Become a hero to the mutts by joining our mission - donate today or become a Mutt Guardian - it's easy to sign up and the mutts (and those who love them) will adore you! Learn more here or hit the yellow button to sign up today!
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Woofs in gratitude,

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