Posted on September 11 2015

"Aw shucks, thanks everybody for making me feel so special! Can't believe my luck really...Prom King, wow!"
"Oh man Russell, this was quite an evening at Moolah 2015 don't you think? Let's pull up to the bar for a drink between us boys and celebrate!"
"Yup, she is my Prom Queen and I adore her!"
Cecil the heartthrob and Moolah 2015 Prom King has found his forever happy home so there is good reason to celebrate!
But before that it was a sad story. He was brought to the Modesto shelter and surrendered by his owner for unknown reasons and no fault of his own.  
This handsome boy was simply irresistible, so Muttville stepped in to his rescue and brought him to the Muttville Manor where Cecil received a thorough checkup from tail to nose from our in-house vet. In addition to being depressed and in need of love and attention (which he is getting plenty of now, can you tell?) we had to treat a skin infection at the base of his tail from a previous flea infestation. Cecil also got a lovely bath and grooming so that his mane would stand out and highlight his gorgeous face. All this care was possible thanks to you!
AND, after having been a winning foster pup, Cecil is now in his forever happy home! Yippee! Let's toast to this gorgeous boy and to all our senior mutts who rock our world.

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