A Delicious Treat Designed For Good Health

It starts by offering a top-of-the-line product where the recipe reflects our passion and commitment to happy and healthy dogs. We've done our research and we know a dog treat should be simple, all-natural and contain a decisively small list of ingredients that are honestly good for your dog.

Our treats are made completely in the USA – where all our ingredients are sourced – and baked in small batches. This is important, because it allows us to maintain, monitor and hold ourselves accountable for every aspect of quality.


Something We Take Very Seriously

Yipper Snappers are designed to avoid causing allergic reactions. This is why our recipes are simple with recognizable, all natural, human-grade, nutritionally balanced ingredients – and most importantly, well researched to be canine compatible.

We proudly start our ingredient list with garbanzo bean flour. Garbanzo beans are gluten-free and one of the best wheat replacements. We use flaxseed oil, known for its ability to alleviate a whole series of health ailments including inflammation, weak joints and hips, overactive nervous system and poor digestion. Real blueberries, containing antioxidants to help support the immune system, heart health and longevity. Real peanuts add a good source of protein and heart-healthy fats, vitamin B, niacin and vitamin E. Both our fresh apples and carrots are a good source of fiber and vitamin A. We add a natural vitamin E as our only preservative! But vitamin E is much more than a preservative it's a wonder vitamin known to help improve the way the body functions – a must for all dogs with skin and coat ailments.


Food For the Family

As mentioned above, all our ingredients are sourced from the USA and they are each human-grade. What does that mean? It means that even you can eat them – and this was done on purpose. Mess Less Pet believes strongly that if it is not good enough for human consumption it is not good enough for your dog. So the next time you're giving your pup a treat, we dare you to try one – you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Here's Something to Smile About

Yipper Snappers are crunchy on purpose. The crunchy cookie works to reduce tartar build-up and bad breath. They are perfect for keeping teeth strong and ideal for teething puppies. They are also a fantastic treat for dogs with weight or hip and joint concerns – as low as 10 calories per cookie! You can rest assured that Yipper Snappers are simple and safe for all dogs – especially puppies and those with sensitive stomachs!


Ingredients For a Healthy Life

Let your dog's health shine through by giving your best friend a treat made from the same whole foods you find in your kitchen.  Each ingredient is formulated to promote health and longevity, using only the finest, high quality, human grade ingredients and absolutely no artificial ingredients or chemical additives.

Our ingredient lists:

Yipper Snappers Blueberry: Garbanzo Bean Flour, Apple Concentrate, Eggs, Blueberries, Natural Blueberry Flavor, Flax Seed Oil, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E)

Yipper Snappers Peanut Butter: Garbanzo Bean Flour, Apple Concentrate, Eggs, Ground Peanuts, Flax Seed Oil, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E)

Yipper Snappers Apple Carrot: Garbanzo Bean Flour, Apple Juice, Apple Pieces, Carrot Pieces, Eggs, Natural Apple Flavor, Flax Seed Oil, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E)

Universal Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (Min) 9%, Crude Fat (Min) 10%, Crude Fiber (Max) 3%, Moisture (Max) 8%