State of Emergency Declared

Posted on January 07 2017

State of Emergency Declared as Winter Storm Helena Hits South Carolina!
Donate to Last Chance Animal Rescue at St. Francis Farm to help us protect local animals from record cold temperatures!
The team at St. Francis Farm is out today helping local Carlisle residents prepare for Winter Storm Helena and temps anticipated to be in the  teens. With the coldest temperatures in recent history on the way, many dogs will be stuck chained outside. Here at St. Francis Farm, we have a plan in place for this potentially deadly storm, because sadly many Union and Chester County residents do not. 
Carlisle is a rural area that has an unprecedented rate of poverty. Many local residents are struggling to feed themselves... much less their animals. St. Francis Farm staff is out in the community offering help to these endangered dogs by properly preparing them with dog houses and straw, as bringing them inside never seems to be an option. No dog can survive outside in these freezing temperatures, and many of the dogs that we are seeing are extremely emaciated and full of parasites. We are working with their owners to get these animals the care, shelter and nourishment they need. In extreme circumstances we are offering our farm as a safe haven so we can remove them from the risk of freezing to death. 

Some of the items that we are providing to residents include:
  • Straw
  • Dog Houses
  • Food
  • Food and water bowls
  • Flea prevention
  • Microchips-in case they eventually end up in a shelter
  • Additional medical care as needed
  • Logging each dog so we can follow up and focus on gettting them spayed and neutered once the storm passes
We desperately need your support to help protect puppies and dogs from frostbite and even worse, freezing to death. With your help we can provide the animals with the shelter and care they need.
Carlisle dog with his new straw to keep him warm!
Carlisle dog with his new straw to keep him warm!
Your DONATION TODAY of any amount will help make a difference, together everything is possible.
For more information on how your donation will help the animals at LCAR St. Francis Farm or questions about how you can sponsor or support our efforts please contact

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